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Welcome to the Greater Charlotte Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society!  Please visit our site frequently for new activities, updates, and discussions.

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Chemo Cars

Do you have any patients using Chemo Cars ( for transportation to their appointments? Or have you done any work with Chemo Cars yourself? ONS Voice is interested in interviewing you for a potential story.

Email for a chance to be featured.


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As many of you know, our chapter was awarded a grant (Ensuring Cancer Care Tomorrow By Developing Nurses Today) to sponsor two students to become members of our chapter for the year.  These students will attend our monthly meetings and will receive information from National ONS to take the ONS Cancer Basics Course and will receive a resource guide about oncology as a nursing specialty career. 
     An e-mail was sent out to all local nursing schools, encouraging students to apply.  Thank you to the committee who read all of these applications.  The winners were:

Jeanette Atherly


Sarah Alexander

Please welcome these students to our meetings every month and share your love of oncology nursing!